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1 Party Catering:

A Symphony of Flavors for Every Celebration From Birthday Bashes to Farmhouse Soirées

Blowsom Farms' party catering services are a testament to the understanding that every celebration is unique. Whether you're hosting an intimate birthday gathering, an anniversary soirée, or a relaxed farmhouse party, our culinary experts take pride in curating menus that capture the essence of each occasion.

Birthday Parties Catering: Celebrate with Sweet and Savory Delights

For birthday parties, Blowsom Farms transforms the ordinary into extraordinary. From colorful, themed cakes to an array of savory bites, our catering services infuse vibrancy into the celebration. We cater to all age groups, ensuring that the culinary experience is as memorable as blowing out the candles.

Anniversary Celebrations Catering: Elevate Milestone Moments

Anniversaries are milestones deserving of extraordinary celebrations. Our catering services for anniversary events encompass a range of culinary delights, from elegant hors d'oeuvres to exquisite main courses. Blowsom Farms ensures that each bite is a reflection of the enduring love being celebrated.

Farmhouse Party Catering: Rustic Elegance with a Culinary Twist

For those seeking the charm of a farmhouse setting, our catering services bring rustic elegance to life. From farm-fresh appetizers to hearty main courses, we cater to your farmhouse party with a blend of sophistication and country-style warmth.

2. Wedding Catering: Crafting Dreams into Culinary Realities

Blowsom Farms recognizes that weddings are not just events; they are dreams brought to life. Our wedding catering services go beyond serving food; they orchestrate a symphony of flavors, aesthetics, and seamless service to make your special day truly unforgettable.

Traditional Ceremonies Catering: A Culinary Journey Through Tradition

For weddings steeped in tradition, our catering services embrace the rich cultural tapestry. From ceremonial feasts to intricate culinary presentations, Blowsom Farms ensures that each dish honors the cultural significance of the moment.

Contemporary Nuptials Catering: Fusion of Flavors for Modern Love

In the realm of contemporary nuptials, our catering services are tailored to cater to the diverse palates of modern couples. Innovative menu options, stylish presentations, and an attention to detail make Blowsom Farms the perfect partner for those envisioning a chic and modern wedding celebration.

Destination Weddings Catering: Culinary Excellence Beyond Boundaries

For couples choosing the charm of destination weddings, Blowsom Farms brings its culinary excellence beyond boundaries. Our catering services for destination weddings are designed to accommodate various locales, offering a seamless and delightful experience for both hosts and guests. From beachfront ceremonies to mountain retreats, we tailor our services to suit the unique requirements of destination celebrations.

Bridal Showers Catering: Elegant Affairs Before the Big Day

Bridal showers are elegant affairs, and our catering services add a touch of sophistication to these pre-wedding celebrations. From delicate finger foods to exquisite desserts, Blowsom Farms ensures that the culinary offerings mirror the grace and anticipation of the impending nuptials.

Engagement Parties Catering: Culinary Elegance for the Union

An engagement marks the beginning of a beautiful journey, and our catering services enhance the joy of this union. From celebratory toasts to sumptuous feasts, Blowsom Farms crafts a culinary experience that sets the stage for the couple's forthcoming adventures together.

3. Corporate and Business Events Catering: Elevating Professional Engagements For Meetings, Conferences, and Corporate Gatherings

Blowsom Farms extends its culinary expertise to the corporate world, providing catering services that elevate professional engagements. Whether it's a business meeting, a conference, or a corporate luncheon, our catering services are designed to impress and facilitate successful business interactions.

Corporate Meetings Catering: Fueling Productivity with Culinary Delights

For corporate meetings where focus and energy are paramount, Blowsom Farms caters with precision. Our catering services offer a variety of menu options, from energizing breakfast spreads to working lunches, ensuring that every meeting is fueled by delicious and nutritious offerings.

Business Conferences Catering: A Culinary Experience for Professional Success

Conferences demand meticulous planning, and our catering services contribute to the overall success of these events. Blowsom Farms crafts menus that cater to diverse preferences, allowing conference attendees to indulge in culinary delights that complement the intellectual stimulation of the day.

Seminars and Workshops Catering: Nourishing Minds During Learning

Seminars and workshops require a delicate balance between intellectual engagement and physical nourishment. Our catering services for seminars and workshops ensure that participants are treated to refreshments and meals that enhance their learning experience. From energizing snacks to satisfying meals, Blowsom Farms caters to both the mind and body.

Product Launch Events Catering: Culinary Unveilings with Flair

Product launches are opportunities to make lasting impressions, and our catering services add a touch of culinary flair to these events. Blowsom Farms collaborates with businesses to craft catering experiences that align with the brand image, ensuring that product launches are not only memorable but also deliciously celebrated.

Networking Events Catering: Building Connections Over Culinary Delights

Networking events thrive on meaningful connections, and our catering services create an environment conducive to networking success. From stylish cocktail receptions to buffet-style dinners, Blowsom Farms ensures that attendees can focus on building relationships while indulging in delightful culinary offerings.

Fundraising Galas Catering: Supporting Causes with Gastronomic Excellence

For fundraising galas where every detail contributes to the cause, Blowsom Farms provides catering services that align with the mission. Our gastronomic excellence complements the philanthropic spirit of the event, creating an atmosphere where attendees can savor both the flavors and the purpose.

Award Ceremonies Catering: Culinary Celebrations of Excellence

Award ceremonies are moments of recognition, and our catering services contribute to the overall celebration of excellence. Blowsom Farms crafts menus that reflect the prestige of the occasion, ensuring that award winners and attendees alike are treated to culinary delights that match the significance of the awards being presented.

Conventions Catering: Culinary Accompaniments for Grand Gatherings

Conventions bring together diverse audiences, and our catering services for conventions cater to this diversity. Blowsom Farms designs menus that accommodate various preferences and dietary requirements, ensuring that attendees can enjoy culinary accompaniments that enhance their convention experience.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows Catering: Culinary Excellence Amidst Displays

Exhibitions and trade shows demand a culinary experience that complements the visual extravagance. Our catering services for exhibitions and trade shows ensure that attendees can refuel with culinary excellence amidst the displays. From quick bites to full meals, Blowsom Farms caters to the varied needs of exhibitors and visitors.

Religious Celebrations Catering: Culinary Traditions for Sacred Occasions

Religious celebrations are imbued with tradition and significance, and our catering services for such occasions respect and enhance these sacred moments. Blowsom Farms crafts menus that align with religious dietary guidelines and preferences, ensuring that the culinary offerings complement the spiritual essence of the celebrations.

Memorial Services Catering: Comforting Fare for Reflection

Memorial services require a gentle touch, and our catering services provide comforting fare for reflection. Blowsom Farms understands the sensitivity of these occasions and tailors menus that offer solace through nourishing and thoughtfully prepared dishes.

Team-building Events Catering: Bonding Over Culinary Adventures

Team-building events are opportunities for bonding, and our catering services facilitate these connections through culinary adventures. From interactive cooking sessions to communal dining experiences, Blowsom Farms creates catering packages that contribute to the camaraderie and teamwork of the participants.

Sports Events and Tournaments Catering: Fueling Athletes and Fans Alike

Sports events demand a different kind of energy, and our catering services for sports events and tournaments are tailored to fuel athletes and fans alike. Blowsom Farms offers a variety of options, from hearty snacks to nutritious meals, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the event with satisfying culinary accompaniments.

Cocktail Parties Catering: Stylish Affairs with Delectable Sips and Bites

Cocktail parties are stylish affairs, and our catering services add a touch of sophistication to these gatherings. Blowsom Farms creates menus that complement the artistry of mixology, offering delectable sips and bites that elevate the cocktail party experience.

Farewell Parties Catering: Culinary Farewells with Heartfelt Flavors

Farewell parties mark transitions, and our catering services contribute to these farewells with heartfelt flavors. Blowsom Farms ensures that the culinary offerings reflect the appreciation and warmth extended to the departing individual, making the farewell memorable and meaningful.

Themed Parties (e.g., Costume Parties) Catering: Culinary Adventures in Theme

Themed parties add an element of excitement, and our catering services for themed parties ensure that the culinary offerings align seamlessly with the chosen theme. Blowsom Farms creates menus that not only complement the thematic elements but also contribute to the overall immersive experience, making themed parties memorable culinary adventures.

Art and Cultural Events Catering: Gastronomy in the Spotlight

Art and cultural events celebrate creativity, and our catering services for such occasions ensure that gastronomy shares the spotlight. Blowsom Farms collaborates with event organizers to create menus that resonate with the artistic and cultural themes, enhancing the overall sensory experience for attendees.

Charity Events Catering: Nourishing Good Causes with Culinary Delights

Charity events hold a special place in the heart, and our catering services contribute to these good causes with culinary delights. Blowsom Farms offers flexible catering packages that align with the mission of the charity event, ensuring that attendees can savor both the flavors and the spirit of giving.

School and College Events Catering: Fueling Young Minds with Flavorful Fare

School and college events require catering that resonates with young minds. Blowsom Farms provides catering services that fuel the energy and enthusiasm of students, from sports events to graduation ceremonies. Our menus are crafted to appeal to diverse tastes while adhering to nutritional standards suitable for the younger demographic.

Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Catering: A Culinary Symphony for Every Palate

Blowsom Farms understands the importance of catering to diverse dietary preferences. Our vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering services offer a culinary symphony for every palate. From sumptuous vegetarian feasts to savory non-vegetarian delights, we ensure that each dish is a celebration of flavors.

Packages Starting from 10 People: Intimate Gatherings to Grand Galas

Blowsom Farms believes that culinary excellence should be accessible to all, regardless of the size of the gathering. Our catering packages start from just 10 people, catering to intimate gatherings as effectively as grand galas. This flexibility ensures that every event, regardless of scale, receives the same level of attention to detail and culinary expertise.

Farm House Party Package , Manesar

Below Rates Applicable on Minimum Pax : 10

Package 1 : Special Party Package

  • Snacks Menu of Evening : 2 Veg + 2 Non- veg
  • • Chilly chicken, Afgani chicken , Veg French fries, Hara Bhara Kabab
  • Main Course ( Dinner Menu) : Veg – Non Veg Mix
  • • Kadhai Paneer, Aloo Gobi, Dal Makhani, Jeera Rice , Chicken Curry, Assorted Bread, Bundi Raita, Rusgulla

Package 2 : Special Biryani Package

No. Of Plates : 12 Set Package Cost : INR 1250 Per Person
  • Snacks Menu of Evening : 2 Veg + 2 Non- veg
  • Seek Kabab, Chicken Tikka, Hara Bhara Kabab , Paneer Tikka
Main Course (Dinner) :
  • Hyderabadi Dam Biryani Veg (03)
  • Hyderabadi Dam Chicken Biryani (03)
  • Murdabadi Soya Chap Dam Biryani (03)
  • Lucknowavi Mutton Dam Biryani (03)

Terms & Conditions :

  • 5 % GST Will Be Applicable On Total Billing.
  • Minimum Order Should be for 10 People.
  • Order Should Be Placed before 1 day or at least 6 Hours before.
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