Blowsom Resort In Gurgaon

Blowsom Farms (Blossom farm) Resort, located at Nimoth Village in Sohna Road near Gurgaon, is a boutique resort featuring a variety of leisure activities. Property is perfect place for spend holidays, weekend breaks. for Night stay we have 10 Family Cottages with all modern facilities attached washrooms. You can spend your weekends and days picnic in luxurious cottages and rooms with magnificent views of nature.

Near Delhi there is lots of Resorts but Blowsom is unique by its name most of the people think why Blossom in Blowsom…??? Every time name should be justify the place and after a long team discussion we final this name because our resort is just like Blowsom from every side.

Nothing is perfect but we believe lots of Imperfection can make one thing perfect so when you say “Blowsom” its sounds like “Blossom” which means a mass of flowers, which you can see in the entrance of our Resort. But it’s only beginning of Blowsom, actually Blowsom is a mixture of two words of different culture as we are providing services in our resort luxury in desi style, where Blow is Latin word which is taken form the Germanic word Bliuwan which means “A chill and strong wind” , which you can feel every time in Resorts specially in evening. And Som is a Sanskrit word, In Vedic Moon is Also known as Som which perfectly define our resort “As moon is different thing for different age group, our resorts is different place for different age group, as we know moon is MAMA for children , love for Teenager and chilling source for adults same as our resort is playground for children, Party point for teenager and chilling point for Adults .” so the full meaning of Blowsom is the “A Chill strong wind comes after touching the moon”, same freshness you can feel in our resort. “Feel the Breath of Fresh air”.


Blowsom Gurgaon serves the best Birthday Party packages to meet your overnight and day outing party needs. Super exciting Fun Zones, Delicious Cuisines, etc., are organized elegantly to make your birthday moments more cherishable.


Is your squad planning a pool party in Gurgaon? Bring them up at Blowsom Farm Resorts and enjoy the best pool party experience. Beautifully organized with elegance, the pool party package let you to take the super dose of entertainment.


A Day Outing can’t be amazing without Blowsom Farm in Gurgaon. Garnished with tons of amenities and delicious cuisines, the destination also provides wide number of activities including games and sports to add more to your fun day.


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